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Steve Mnuchin And Maria Bartiromo 'Won't Use' The Term 'Fake News' To Describe WTO 'Rumor', Instead They'll Just Call It 'Fake News'

Oh, nothing. Just sycophants being sycophants.
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Listen, Steve Mnuchin needs you to understand that the Axios story about Donald Trump wanting to pull the U.S. out of the WTO is "an exaggeration."

Mnuchin delivered that assessment while speaking to former "money honey" (and current woman whose picture can be found in the antonyms section of the dictionary entry for "credible"), Maria Bartiromo.

"There’s no breaking news here," Mnuchin told Bartiromo on Friday, before promising not to use the term "fake news" and then immediately using the term "fake news" after an elated Bartiromo jumped at the opportunity to goad him into employing Trump's favorite derisive media meme days ahead of her three-hundred-and-thirty-fourth "exclusive" pandering session with the President, scheduled for Sunday.

Go that? Here's quote from Steve:

Anybody who is reporting an Axios story is breaking news, it’s not right. I won’t use our favorite word ‘fake news’. But this is an exaggeration.

Yes, it's "an exaggeration" to call it "breaking news" because Trump hasn't pulled the trigger (and Congress would have a say), but Steve's use of the term "exaggeration" accidentally confirms the point of Axios's story, which is simply to remind everyone that Donald Trump is still running around telling his aides and advisors that America is "always getting fucked" by the WTO.

So the peddlers of "fake news" here aren't the folks at Axios. Rather, the people selling the "fake news" are Mnuchin and Bartiromo, which shouldn't come as a surprise because the job of state TV is to give air time to regime officials and pretend like what they say is some semblance of credible.

What makes this particular episode especially amusing is that this whole thing appears to have started with Kellyanne Conway talking about the WTO earlier on Friday and guess which network carried her comments? That's right, Fox News.

One person who is not amused with this is Jonathan Swan from Axios, who has this simple message for the American public:

So you decide who to believe - Axios, or this pair of overtly creepy sycophants (and I put it in slow motion for maximum comedic effect):



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