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Surge In Warren Buffett Steak-Lunch Index Goes Unnoticed By President Trump

The Oracle of Omaha’s Obama connections means even Trump won’t take public credit for this sign of economic robustness.
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The president of the United States is not a man who wastes any time taking to Twitter to crow about the latest bullish economic indicator, of which there are many, all clear evidence of how his reflected glory is single-handedly MAGAing. Sometimes, he gets so excited he can’t help but tweet about it before it is even news. And yet, he’s been strangely silent on the clearest sign that the only Americans he actually cares about—those with enough money to serve in his Cabinet—are back on top: The Warren Buffett Steak-Lunch Index, which this weekend spiked to a two-year high.

The winning bid in the annual “Power Lunch With Warren Buffett” charity auction came in at $3,300,100 on Friday night. The amount exceeds the $2,679,001 paid last year but fell short of the record $3,456,789 hit in 2016.

The omission is undoubtedly the result either of Trump’s spending the weekend combing the White House for any sign of his wife, or of Trump’s antipathy for Buffett on account of Buffett’s antipathy for him. Either way, it’s a missed opportunity. Sad.

Anonymous Bidder Pays $3.3 Million for Lunch With Warren Buffett [DealBook]


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