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Thirsty Goldman Sachs Analyst Tries To Netflix N Chill, Has No Chill

Heath Terry is the Adam Jonas of internet analysts.

After apparently getting super-duper-stoned and bingeing 3 seasons ff "Chef's Table" in one night, Goldman Sachs analyst Heath Terry reportedly raised his price target on Netflix to "All The Money..."


Shares of Netflix Inc. NFLX, +4.35% are up 2.4% in Wednesday trading after Goldman Sachs analyst Heath Terry raised his price target on the stock to $490 from $390. With his price target increase, Terry became the most bullish Netflix analyst among those tracked by FactSet.

In addition to instantly becoming the Adam Jonas of internet analysts, Terry is also the first person in our memory to raise a stock this joltingly hard on such a blue chip stock.

We are intrigued to see if this is all part of the new David Solomon-led Goldman. A virtual hotbed of pushing limits and making bold calls as EDM music pumps over the newly-installed speaker system and Marty Chavez prowls the halls shooting Red Bull out of a SuperSoaker imploring everyone to get rich or die trying.

We love Lloyd Blankfein as much as any Regular Joe, but if this is what Solomon's Goldman is gonna look like, December can't come soon enough.


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