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Unlike His Philistine Staff, Steve Cohen Likes Round Art

Apparently, SAC is the Sir Mix-a-Lot of art collectors.

Sometimes it feels like we will never fully explore the cabinet of bizarre mysteries that is working for Steve Cohen.


SAC is a mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in fleece vest. He loves deeply (silence, Chris Christie, trading with an edge, Guy Fieri), hates potently (ex-wives, the SEC, all other hedge fund managers) and is loaded up with idiosyncrasies (Zambonis, silence, Guy Fieri), but one thing that Steve Cohen has taken pains to make clear about himself over the years is that Steve Cohen is a man who knowsand loves art. Cohen is a macher on the modern art scene, a power player in the world of paint and a man who knows what he likes.

And if you need more evidence that SAC is the preeminent art critic of our time with a side hustle in the asset management racket, Bloomberg has you covered!

Steve Cohen owns some of the world’s great modern masterpieces, but couldn’t recall what’s hanging in his office at the moment.
“I forget,” Cohen said Thursday night at the Museum of Modern Art’s Party in the Garden, adding that the works change too often to keep track. Also, he’s “way too busy” to look.

But SAC also knows that his taste in art is way more refined than that gaggle of knuckle-draggers working for him at Point72...

The [$165 million] Lichtenstein would probably suit his Point72 employees’ tastes.
“They like the art that’s square or rectangular,” the hedge fund billionaire said. “Anything circular they hate.

Not a metaphor...

“He’s being cryptic,” art adviser Sandy Heller interjected as they dined on pan-seared chicken with sweet pea pesto. “He means geometric abstraction.”
“No, I’m serious,” Cohen said. “They don’t like circles. I like circular things.” (Whether he meant a string of zeros after a dollar sign or a Damien Hirst spin painting is unclear.)

Like the Sir Mix-a-Lot of art collectors, SAC is just beggin' for a piece of that bubble.

Steve Cohen Talks Cryptically About Point72 Art at MoMA Party [Bloomberg]



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