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If Bitcoin Is Real, Why Hasn't A Citadel PM Confronted Ken Griffin And Told Him So?

It's not like Ken Griffin isn't famously approachable.
By Paul Elledge [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

By Paul Elledge [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Even with your annoying hipster cousin crowing that Bitcoin came back to life yesterday, today brought all the old wet blankets back to the Anti-Crypto party.

And during the Delivering Alpha conference this morning, we got an amazing critique of crypto from none other than Ken Griffin:

"I don’t have a single portfolio manager [of mine] who has told me we should buy crypto, not a single portfolio manager," he said at the Delivering Alpha Conference in New York on Wednesday. "I have a hard time finding myself wanting to be in a position of being a liquidity provider for a product I don’t believe in."

The Griff Dawg is not down with virtual currencies. We get it, he's an old school guy, a value guy, a Chicago guy. And we totally believe that Citadel PMs have not stopped Ken in the office hallways to pitch their crypto ideas, because we cannot believe that no Citadel PM has gone out of their ways to tell Ken Griffin anything in years. Does this mean that Ken Griffin doesn't believe in children's birthday parties since no one at Citadel has invited him to one in, like, forever?

And we'd also bet a lifetime supply of Ethereum that at least a dozen Citadel PMs have active persona crypto portfolios.

Hedge fund billionaire Griffin knocks bitcoin, says not a single one of his managers has wanted to buy it [CNBC]



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