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Jon Corzine Ends Lloyd Blankfein's Nascent Political Career With One Endorsement From Jon Corzine

Who wouldn't take political career advice from Jon Corzine?

Lloyd Blankfein won't be out of work for a few weeks yet, but speculation over what kind of job he'll get in order to pay his bills seems to already be ramping up with some speed.


Like most former leaders of Goldman Sachs, Lloyd will have a few options for his next act, but one of his fellow Masters of the Universe has already accidentally closed the door forever on one possible career path...

Per Bloomberg:

Few executives wield more power over global capitalism than the head of Goldman Sachs Group Inc. Fewer know what it’s like to leave that perch. Jon Corzine is one of them.
So he has a sense of what Chief Executive Officer Lloyd Blankfein was feeling when the bank announced Tuesday that David Solomon will take over in October. And he has an idea about what he can do next.
“If he can successfully handle the pressure cooker elements that come with the scrutiny, the criticism that is inevitable, and gets through it, I think he’d make a very good mayor,” Corzine said in an interview. “There’s no reason he shouldn’t try.

Wow, this really sucks if Lloyd actually maybe wanted to be mayor. After all "Jon Corzine Endorses Fellow Former Goldman Sachs CEO For Mayor" is the closest thing that we might ever see to a written sentence metastasizing into literal political poison.

Corzine -- who himself faced fury and an industry ban after the 2011 collapse of his brokerage MF Global -- doesn’t think rage will kill Blankfein’s political chances. He described the billionaire like this: “Lloyd at his essence is a man from Brooklyn. He grew up in a simple world, and he represents a lot of what the so-called American Dream is about.”

As we say in Brooklyn, "The fuck you talking about, Jon Corzine?"

Hey, at least Corzine didn't say Lloyd should take over a commodities brokerage and get creative with it.

Mayor Lloyd Blankfein? Jon Corzine Says He’d Be ‘Very Good’ [Bloomberg]



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