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Local Man Admits He’s Not Cut Out For Politics

All it took for Anthony Scaramucci to figure it out was six months shilling for a White House job, five more waiting for one, 11 days in it and a year of reflection.
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Anthony Scaramucci is not good at politics. This was apparent to everyone who noticed he was selling his firm to the country his president intended to launch a trade war against, or watched his increasingly desperate plays for some job, any job to serve as a return on his reputational investment, or who read his interview of sorts in The New Yorker during his 11-day stint as White House communications director. That is, it was to everyone except Scaramucci. He needed some time to cogitate on the whole experience, and not on stage at SALT. He took a month for each of those days—well, maybe a little extra for July 26, 2017, when he made that fateful call to Ryan Lizza. And d’ya know what, guys? It’s hard for him to say this, but everyone was right. And he should have known. After all, he wrote the book on himself, and that book says he should be in hedge funds.


“I’m not really great at the Washington scene,” he said. “Having experienced that now has made me a lot wiser, but it’s also made me appreciate where I was and who I really am -- which is an entrepreneur and money manager focused on growing people’s money.”

Scaramucci, 54, conceded his short-lived foray into politics “cost me a lot,” including about $1.7 billion in net client withdrawals from SkyBridge….

Within five years, he said he sees the $10 billion SkyBridge doubling through new products, market appreciation, and wider distribution of the firm’s flagship product…. “I think that the obituary that’s been written about the hedge fund industry is overstated,” he said, adding that legendary hedge fund managers John Paulson, Bill Ackman and David Einhorn -- all of whom have fallen on tough times in recent years -- “will have a comeback” if they choose to stay in the game.

Scaramucci Says His Political Foray ‘Cost Me a Lot’ [Bloomberg]



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