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Point72 Vet Will Be Happy To Take Some Of That $6 Billion You Haven’t Given To Steve Cohen Yet

Erik Cetrulo is bravely striking out on his own.
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We know people haven’t exactly been racing to give their money to Steve Cohen, as he expected and apparently deserved. And those who have studied and been berated at the feet of the great man don’t exactly have the track record of Julian Robertson’s Tiger cubs. None of that, however, isn’t stopping one Point72 protégé from trying his hand at this thing.

Erik Cetrulo, a former portfolio manager at Steven Cohen’s Point72 Asset Management, is raising funds for a global macro discretionary hedge fund and is targeting a launch in the first quarter of 2019, two sources familiar with the situation said.

Entheos Capital Advisors formed its limited partnership in recent weeks, and is in early stage negotiations with potential seed and anchor investors, the sources said.

Picking a name that’s already been taken by a web design shop, audiology cooperative and “technical death metal” band? Definitely one of Kohen’s Kids.

Ex-Point72 portfolio manager to launch macro hedge fund Entheos: sources [Reuters]


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