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Pro-Trump PAC Already Organizing Against Its Inevitable Defeat At The Hands Of The #DraftDimon Movement

Cute war chest you got there, America Rising, it's going to be fun to watch The Khaleesi of Wall Street burn it all to ashes in your hands.

It's not easy being a prophet.

But these last few months have grown kinder and simpler with every new unignorable clue that the man anointed by fate to be America's 46th President is moving closer to embracing his destiny. So while we might have seemed quiet yesterday when Jamie Dimon went on CNN and laid out the first few tenets of the oppositional platform that will put an end to the Trump Administration, we were actually to giddy to speak as we watched the future Leader of the Free World throw shade at Trump's White House team and emerge as the clarion voice of reason n subjects like immigration, trade, and infrastructure.

Yesterday was a massive moment in history for the DraftDimon movement, the political revolution that we have felt coming on the air of so many tonights. Jamie Dimon is going to run, you guys, because there is meaning to the universe and the truth is written in the stars!

But don't just take our word for it, ask the paranoid MAGA types who CNBC found raising money to kill the #DraftDimon movement that they should fear with every fiber of their souls...

Super PAC America Rising is gearing up for battle against potential candidates such as Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and former Starbucks executive chairman Howard Schultz, according to people familiar with the plan. Apple CEO Tim Cook, J.P. Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, Disney CEO Bob Iger and billionaire hedge-fund executive and Democratic donor Tom Steyer are also in its sights.

Sure, they're being careful and trying to trip up those other lame-os, but let's be serious; there's only one name on that list that really makes your pulse quicken and your brow moisten with excitement...


And what does the 46th and forevermore POTUS say about all this?

A spokesman for Dimon referred questions about a potential 2020 run to a recent CNBC interview where he said he has no intention of running for president. “Nothing has changed,” the spokesman added.

It's one thing to lie to Becky Quick and the bitter leprechaun on steroids that sits next to her every morning, but it's another thing to spit in the eyes of the gods who made you The Prince that was Promised. When the time comes, Jamie, we will be waiting and the engines of war will be primed.

We will see you on the battlefield, America Rising, and whatever army comes along with you.

A Republican group is digging up dirt on business leaders who could take on Trump in 2020 White House race [CNBC]



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