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Seth Klarman Is The Literary Equivalent Of Paul Tudor Jones

Neither wants you to see what they were up to 30 years ago, in any form.
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In addition to all of the Pepe the Frog onesies and swastika pendants and racist and anti-Semitic e-books it offers, also sells a tome entitled Margin of Safety. This volume, published in 1991, generally fetches four figures, in no small part because its author, Baupost Group founder Seth Klarman, doesn’t want you to read it. In fact, unless you’re a Baupost investor, he doesn’t want you to read any of his words, which is a pity, because Klarman is quite adept at the prose arts.

Now, Seth Klarman isn’t going to pull a Paul Tudor Jones and just buy every copy of the work that comes on the market; if you’ve got between $679.99 and $2,000, you can have one of the 14 currently for sale by Jeff Bezos. (You can also peruse the New York Public Library's copy, although you will be supervised to ensure that it does not also end up listed on Amazon.) As a consequence, he and his minions are a little less vigilant than Team Tudor, and thereby allowed whole days to pass in which people could buy Margin of Safety for their Kindles for less than $10. But like the all-too-brief appearances of “Trader” on YouTube, this opportunity has now passed you by.

Klarman, a hedge fund legend and Baupost’s chief executive officer, hasn’t authorized republication of the book in any form. The Boston-based firm said in a statement Tuesday that what showed up on Amazon was a copyright violation.

The Kindle version of the book appeared online earlier this month and was being sold for $9.99. It was no longer available on Amazon as of 11:31 a.m. Eastern time…. The Kindle version of Klarman’s book appeared to suggest publication was linked to, an organization that offers free book downloads online.

Baupost Says Copy of Seth Klarman’s Book on Amazon Was Not Authorized [Bloomberg]


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