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Silicon Valley Steve Cohen Goes Crypto

It was inevitable, you guys.
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Maybe it’s because the hedge fund return hasn’t exactly taken off. Maybe it’s because his Anglophiliahas not been reciprocated. Maybe it’s because he’s looking for people who think outside the box. Maybe it’s because he’s got a giant fucking tax bill and could use some above-average ROIs. Maybe it’s because Charlie Rose doesn’t feel like hanging out much these days. Maybe it’s because he hasn’t joined Donald Trump’s Cabinet, yet. Maybe it’s just because he loves it.


Whatever the reason, Steve Cohen has spent a lot of time lately playing the venture capitalist, throwing a quarter-billion at a crowd-sourced algorithmic trading platform, some pennies out of the couch at a millennial-focused ETF investing app, a few more at self-driving cars, a couple bucks at a digital credit card play. He’s even got an office in Palo Alto he can go to when he wants to live out his “Silicon Valley” fantasies. Well, you can check another one of those fantasies off the list.

Cohen Private Ventures, which was launched by Cohen’s family office in 2016, has invested Autonomous Partners, a new hedge fund that is acquiring both cryptocurrencies and equity in blockchain-related companies…. Cohen’s venture arm declined to comment for this story, though it has had previous partnerships with Simpson. The firm invested in her venture fund Crystal Towers Capital in 2015, which in turn has placed funding in firms such as AI debt collection startup, True Accord.

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