Today Is Apparently The Day To Do That Massive Financial Crime You've Been Planning

Michael Piwowar tweets goodbye to the SEC in bizarrely lame picture form.

Welp, today was Michael Piwowar's last day of commissioning over at the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Piwo's departure leaves the SEC as Jay Clayton and a merry band of three. It's essentially a ghost town over there now, just the way that the Trump Administration dreamed it would be. And in a fun case of saying the quiet thing out loud, Piwowar tweeted a goodbye that makes it clear the SEC is now a defanged bureaucratic ghost ship with bad lighting...

It's all there; the horrific lighting, the sad office furniture, the clothes, and the fact that Piwowar apparently decided to end things before 9am on a Monday.

This tweet says a lot of things, but what it says with clarion clarity is that today is a great day to commit a financial crime.