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Bill Gross' Current Boss Can't Believe Anyone Is Paying Bill Gross For Investment Advice These Days

Janus CEO Richard Weil is talking like he used to be married to Bill Gross.
Photo: Bob Riha Jr/Getty Images

Photo: Bob Riha Jr/Getty Images

Having a rough time at the office lately?

Well, at least you're not Bill Gross!...

The boss of influential bond investor Bill Gross told CNBC on Thursday that the billionaire guru "has been wrong and wrong badly" this year.

Damn, Gina! This is the kind of Bill Gross hot-take we'd expect from anyone at PIMCO - or anyone who was married to Bill Gross - but to have his current boss do him like that in public? Even we are kind of shocked to see Bill shaded this hard. Maybe there's more context?...

Janus Henderson CEO Richard Weil addressed Gross' fund performance in an interview with "Worldwide Exchange." Weil told CNBC's Brian Sullivan that Gross admits that he "has made some bad bets."
"He believes still in his basic presumption that inflation is not going to get out of control," Weil said. "And so he hasn't lost faith in his fundamental view. But he's been wrong and wrong badly in the short term. And he's accountable and we're accountable for that."

We wouldn't be surprised if once the cameras turned off, "Richard Weil" tugged at his neck and ripped off the rubber mask to reveal he was Mo El-Erian in disguise all along before saying "It's done," into the tiny communicator in his ear. "Nice working with you, Mo," Sue Gross replied into her own microphone, smiling at a bound and gagged Richard Weil lying prone in corner of her secret panic room in Newport Beach.

Bill Gross' boss says the billionaire bond fund manager 'has been wrong and wrong badly' [CNBC]


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