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JPMorgan Disinvites 100 More People From 270 Park Demolition Party

The new asset management offices will feel even more spacious.
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Wait, what are you still doing here? (Getty Images)

By the time JPMorgan’s new headquarters opens circa 2024, President Jamie Dimon will be waltzing towards the most lopsided reelection victory in U.S. history. Still, we’d like to think he’ll make time to cut the ribbon to the great monument he built to himself, formally welcoming the 15,000 or so Dimonites who’ll call the place home until he throws them all out and turns it into his presidential library.

Well, maybe slightly fewer than 15,000.

JPMorgan Chase & Co. is in the process of laying off around 100 employees in its asset-management division as the bank makes staffing adjustments amid market shifts, according to people familiar with the matter…. The bank already has laid off employees in its fixed income, administration and sales groups, with layoffs in its equity group also expected, the people said.

JPMorgan Laying Off Around 100 Employees in Asset-Management Business [WSJ]


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JPMorgan Trader Gets COVID At Highly Inconvenient And Embarrassing Time

A week before his colleagues are being ordered back to the office and at the same time that Jamie Dimon is extolling the plan’s virtues.

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New JPMorgan ETF Robot May Not Be Cool, But It Is Cheap

J.D. & co. are betting that’ll be enough to keep the twenty- and thirty-somethings rolling in to their local chase branch.

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Man Who Made $31.5 Million Last Year Still Not A Fan Of Socialism

Comrade Sanders is threatening to erode society, by which Jamie Dimon presumably means his $1.7 billion (and growing!) fortune.

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If Treasurys Spoofing Exists, The Authorities Are Not OK With It

Of course, they’ll have a hell of a time proving it, but they just want to make themselves clear.

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Junior JPMorgan Chasers Urged To Grind Themselves To Dust To Pay For Jamie Dimon’s Latest Bonus And Also Find Themselves

Both of which are completely unnecessary for purpose, but apparently necessary to maintaining Wall Street’s culture or something.