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NFL Player Accused Of Insider Trading Obviously A Member Of The Browns

Jimmy Haslam knows a kindred spirit when he sees one.
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(Cleveland Browns)

(Cleveland Browns)

When presented with reports that he’d be signing with the Cleveland Browns, free-agent linebacker Mychal Kendricks was understandably perturbed. After all, he had just won the Super Bowl with the Philadelphia Eagles. The Browns, by contrast, outscored their opponent exactly zero times last season. Indeed, they have not won an actual game since Christmas Eve 2016, which was itself their first victory in more than a year. They have finished last in their division seven years in a row and 14 of the last 16 seasons, and have participated in exactly one playoff game since their ill-begotten resurrection in 1999. Of course, they lost it. Even within a state that also contains the Cincinnati Bengals, the Browns are unrivaled for footballing ineptitude.

In the end, though, profanity and lack of respect for the reporter who broke the story of his being Cleveland-bound notwithstanding, Kendricks did sign with the Browns. And why should he ever have worried about it? As it turns out, he fits right in.

Cleveland Browns linebacker Mychal Kendricks and former Goldman Sachs Group Inc. banking analyst Damilare Sonoiki were charged Wednesday with insider trading in an alleged scheme that prosecutors say yielded about $1.2 million in profits for Mr. Kendricks….

Mr. Kendricks admitted to participating in insider trading and apologized. He described Mr. Sonoiki as a “former friend” he believed he could trust because of his past as a Harvard-educated Goldman Sachs employee…. Mitchell Schuster, a lawyer representing Mr. Kendricks at the firm Meister Seelig & Fein LLP, said he expects his client to plead guilty…. He has earned roughly $20 million in salaries and bonuses during his NFL career.

NFL Linebacker, Ex-Goldman Analyst Charged in $1.2 Million Insider Trading Case [WSJ]



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