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Nice Afternoon For A Pair Of Scrappy Lovable Underdogs

It's nice when the little people get a W.

For anyone who's ever rooted for Charlie Brown to connect with that football, this Bud's for you...


Well, Warren Buffett had a good day.
Apple shares rose 5.9 percent Wednesday, a day after it posted better-than-expected fiscal third-quarter earnings per share of $2.34, beating the $2.18 Thomson Reuters consensus. The company also gave sales guidance above Wall Street expectations for its September quarter.
The Oracle of Omaha's Berkshire Hathaway owned 239.6 million shares of Apple as of the end of March, according to FactSet. With Wednesday's more than 11 point rally in the shares, Buffett's company is up approximately $2.7 billion on its position, assuming it hasn't sold shares since then.

Chalk up for the little people!

Warren Buffett just made more than $2 billion in Apple [CNBC]



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