Wells Fargo Forgers Need To Up Their Game

It’s almost like they want to get caught opening unauthorized accounts or ordering dinner early.
By stu_spivack (20151021_134810) [CC BY-SA 2.0 ], via Wikimedia Commons

By stu_spivack (20151021_134810) [CC BY-SA 2.0 ], via Wikimedia Commons

At the heart of the original Wells Fargo scandal—that of the unauthorized accounts—stands a bunch of employees not-so-adept at the art of forgery. Seriously, these guys and gals could really have used a few semesters at the Bernard Madoff Institute of Fraud, given the paper trail full of literally cut-and-pasted John Hancocks on signature cards they left behind. It turns out, however, that even after you’ve left the retail branch all-night-shredding parties and entered the more rarified air of the investment bank and e-mail time signatures, these people are just not that good at doctoring documents.

In recent months, however, executives within the investment-bank division, which is known as Wells Fargo Securities, learned that some employees regularly placed dinner orders through delivery services like Grubhub Inc.’s Seamless or Square Inc.’s Caviar earlier than the policy allowed, the people said. Later, employees allegedly altered the time stamps on emailed receipts to make their meals eligible for reimbursement, these people added…. Since May, at least nine Wells Fargo analysts and associates have been terminated or have resigned voluntarily after the bank alleged they altered their meal receipts, according to a review of Financial Industry Regulatory Authority records.

Wells Fargo Fires Bankers Amid Probe of Dinner Receipts That Were Allegedly Doctored [WSJ]