Bank That Loves Getting Small Thinks Online Bookstore Has Gotten Too Big

Citi tells Amazon to split in two, wonders aloud if there are any banks that know how to do that.

Welcome to Monday, you deserve a chuckle.


Citi Research believes Amazon should split itself up to reduce the risk of regulation and increase shareholder value.

Oh, famously reformed size queen Citi thinks Amazon has gotten too big? Does it have maybe an idea of how a large corporation should deal with public scrutiny of its bigness?

"There has been greater noise of late regarding the desire to investigate and potentially regulate the company," analyst Mark May said in a note to clients Monday. "By separating the retail and AWS businesses, Amazon could minimize or avoid the risk of increased regulatory pressure."

Well, that's a novel approach. Cleaving your entire business in twain to appease a White House that has openly criticized your private enterprise for growing so vast that it might have to be scrutinized and regulated by the government? If only there was a bank that had firsthand experience with this kind of tactic...a bank like that would make a lot of money from a client like Amazon...

Oh well, too bad there's no bank like that.

Amazon should split into two companies to avoid antitrust scrutiny from Trump administration: Citi [CNBC]