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David Solomon Goes Lady MacBeth On Marty Chavez

Poor John Waldron will never know what evil he has done for love.

We always knew that Marty Chavez was The Prince That Was Promised at 200 West Street. He had the glow and energy of the chosen one, and it seemed like divine providence that one day the kingdom of Goldman Sachs would be his.


But unfortunately for sweet Martin, it appears that his reign was to be postponed by another man, an EDM DJ and wine connoisseur who apparently reads Dealbreaker and knows that we are the seers of the future. And by reading our secret texts, DJ D-Sol learned of the prophecy, and now Marty Chavez is dead...

David Solomon is assembling his inner circle as he prepares to take the helm at Goldman Sachs Group Inc., replacing the bank’s chief financial officer and installing a longtime lieutenant as his top deputy.
Goldman is expected to name John Waldron as its president and Stephen Scherr as its new finance chief, replacing Martin Chavez, according to people familiar with the matter. The shakeup shows Mr. Solomon putting his imprint on the firm he’ll soon run and represents a triumph of Goldman’s investment bankers over its traders, who have been on their heels since the crisis.

Since John Waldron has staked his claim to a new life as Gary Cohn 2.5, we will have to assume that he is the one that wielded the knife in Marty's assassination. But while he was the one who did the stabbing, it might never be possible for David Solomon to truly clean his hands of the blood that stains them.


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