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Local Hedge Fund Manager Attacks Total Stranger With His Handy Sword...At A Hotel...On Her Wedding Day

Carlos Mejia does not travel light.

Who says northwestern New Jersey weddings aren't the most romantic in the world?

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The forests, the quiet, the clean air, the nicotine-addicted hedge fund managers you meet who keep swords in their hotel rooms...

What should have been the happiest day of her life turned into a nightmare for a bride who was attacked by a sword-wielding man on her wedding day at the Grand Cascades Lodge.
The bride, whose name is being withheld due to the nature of the charges, sustained a laceration to her left arm and was transported to Newton Medical Center. Her injuries were not life-threatening.

Oh, of course we have more...

The stranger, later identified as Carlos Mejia, of New York City, was taken into custody by the Hardyston police and lodged in the Sussex County Jail on charges including assault and terroristic threats.
According to a source and additional information obtained by the New Jersey Herald, Mejia is a hedge fund manager at a business in New York City. His profile on the business' website indicates he has been employed by the firm for more than a decade and has opened an office in his native country of Colombia.
First Assistant Prosecutor Gregory Mueller said Mejia was staying as a guest at the hotel for a work-related event.
The bride and several members of her bridal party were in the hallway when Mejia approached them and asked for a cigarette, according to the affidavit from Mejia's arrest.

So far this just seems to be the story of a lonely asset manager traveling for work who was trying to close a sweetheart practice deal with some unique counterparties. So what went wrong?

The bridal party either did not have a cigarette to give him or refused to give him a cigarette, and a verbal argument ensued, the affidavit states. Witnesses told police that Mejia began yelling obscenities at the bride and her group and then retreated into his hotel room.

And now we feel bad for Carlos. The guy wanted to do a deal in which he got something for nothing just to make it possible to get an erection, needed a smoke and was rudely rebuffed by a bride on her wedding day. How is he the bad guy here?

While Mejia was in his room, police say the bride and her bridal party knocked on his door and yelled to him. Subsequently, Mejia swung open the door and emerged from his room with a sword in his hand, the affidavit states.


Police said Mejia was "swinging the sword" at the bride and her bridal party and eventually threatened to kill the bride before slashing her arm with the sword.

...shiiiiit. But maybe these terrible women celebrating alongside a bride on her wedding day were the cause of some psychotic break. After all, a man is never fully responsible for his own actions when women are involved, and we'll assume that there were no red flags coming from Mejia...

Multiple witnesses at the hotel told police after the incident that Mejica was seen prior to the altercation walking around the hotel with a sword, according to the affidavit.

Hey, we all get a little weird on the road, right? Right?...Where is everyone going?

Hotel guest charged in sword attack on bride, wedding party [New Jersey Herald]

* An earlier version of this story identified the incorrect Carlos Mejia. We regret the error.


By Alex Guibord [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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