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Mike Novogratz: Bitcoin Has Nowhere To Go But Up, In Spite Of Having Another $6,700 Of Room To Go Down

It’s science.
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A bitcoin is still “worth” about $6,700. On its face, this means that the fake currency has another $6,700 or so to fall before hitting rock bottom. This is wrong, according to former Fortress Investment Group executive Mike Novogratz. In fact, hisbelovedbitcoin has now proven it mathematically cannot drop below $6,000, and could “easily” be worth seven times that by Christmas. Wanna fight him over it?


Bitcoin experienced a “classic speculative global mania” in 2016-2017 but is now on the upswing because the market has hit “seller fatigue,” Novogratz said at Yahoo Finance’s second annual “All Markets Summit.”

Novogratz said that Galaxy Digital’s cryptocurrency index showed a “classic bottom” in the market, with a selloff of more than 85 percent from its peak….

“Bitcoin has held $6,000. Yes, it is off its highs, but it has established itself as a store of value,” Novogratz said.

Unlike that established store of value, Novogratz is a little more wary of the boom in pot stocks. I mean, without something tangible like revenue, how can they be worth anything?

"The prices of cannabis stocks today feel like bitcoin and ethereum did in December of last year," Novogratz, a closely bitcoin evangelist, said Thursday at the Yahoo Finance All Markets Summit….

"The companies trade up to $28 billion on almost no revenue," he said. "If I was long them, I'd sell them and if you're a speculator, I'd get short them."

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