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One Day, This Beautiful Music Video Will Be The Only Evidence That Cryptocurrencies Ever Existed

The truest forms of art are the ones filled with crypto-truths.

We're not prone to hyperbole here at dealbreaker dot com, so believe us when we say with total sincerity that we have found the purest and most hypnotically fascinating piece of cryptocurrency-inspired art that will ever exist.

We haven't been this captivated by new music since DJ D-Sol gifted us with his first single lo those many weeks ago. In what we can only describe as a somnambulatory flow, the genius behind this piece lays out the greatest case we have ever heard for trading cryptos; throwing out finance jargon and acting like its an act of rebellion. The SoCal sunlight inflects his greedy nihilist optimism in a way that reminds us of early Disney, and we found ourselves charmed to the core by a man bragging about his crypto wealth cruising the Los Angeles streets on a scooter and a Fiat. The accent is mystifying and the silent guy in the suit is either a future superstar or a current felon. The lyrics about cashing in BTC's are LOL and the feeling you're left with after watching is a glow of sweet contentment that we hope will never leave us.

So, without further ado, "Crypto Money"

We already envision a day where future historians are left to unpack what cryptocurrencies were and what they meant to mankind. We pray to the gods of all that is good that this video is the only thing they have to go on...

You. Are. Welcome.



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