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Sleep Where Steve Mnuchin Hath Slept

And also where Louise Linton has likely cried during sex.
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Steve Mnuchin is selling a home, and it’s not one of the ones he illegallyforeclosed upon or the one with the horseshit stain on the porch. The Treasury Secretary is asking $32.5 million for a duplex at 740 Park that’s been in his family for a half-century, and if you’re the buyer, we wish you luck on your mental gymnastics trying not to imagine the dissociative face of Louise Linton during long, sleepless nights on her marital bed—at least before she discovered true love late last year—in one of the residence’s five bedrooms.


While the unit has been in Mr. Mnuchin’s family since the 1960s, Mr. Mnuchin hasn’t been treating it as his primary home, according to people with knowledge of his situation. Mr. Mnuchin was based primarily in California before he assumed his role with President Donald Trump’s campaign, those people said….

The 12-room apartment spans two floors, with wood-burning fireplaces and a sweeping curved staircase. The listing agents are Ms. Lederman, the aunt who sold the unit to Mr. Mnuchin, and her colleague and daughter Judy Kloner. They declined to comment.

Steve Mnuchin Asks $32.5 Million for Longtime Manhattan Home [WSJ]


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