Tesla Short Shorts Are Showing Some Bulge

Happy Friyay, David Einhorn.

It must have been hard for David Einhorn to drink his morning coffee what with the rigid perma-grin affixed to a face that he was afraid had forgotten how to smile...


The turmoil at Tesla Inc. reached a fever pitch Friday, as news emerged that two senior executives will leave Elon Musk’s electric-car maker a matter of hours after he smoked marijuana during an hours-long interview with a comedian.
Chief Accounting Officer Dave Morton gave notice Tuesday that he was resigning less than a month into the job, according to a filing. Tesla’s stock plunged, then extended declines after Gabrielle Toledano, the head of human resources who’s been on a leave of absence, told Bloomberg News that she won’t rejoin the company.

And things must have gotten downright bawdy in the Einhorn kitchen when David fired up Twitter!

We hope he went somewhere private upon learning that the Mets beat the Dodgers.

But all that pre-cereal schadenfreude prologue was just prelude to the main event!

Tesla shares fell as much as 10 percent to $252.25 as of 9:46 a.m. in New York, the steepest intraday drop since June 2016. The company’s 5.3 percent bonds plummeted 4 cents, their biggest-ever decline, to 81.75 cents on the dollar, a record low, according to Trace bond price data.

Feel the happiness, David Einhorn, let it flow through you. Let the dark world turn to light, let love flow where there was fear, reach out and touch joy, but be careful not to touch too much, you're gonna be in a big mood.

And on a related note: Hey, Mrs. Jim Chanos, you in trouble girl.

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