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The Justice Department Is Beginning To Think That Wells Fargo Might Have Made Some Mistakes

There have been some whispers.

Remember how Wells Fargo like did all that fraud? And then how they got caught doing the fraud and had to tell Congress why there was so much fraud? And then they fired the CEO and got beat to shit for like a year and then decided that it could start fresh?

Wells Fargo.Insane

Well, the funny thing about fresh starts is you have to be sure that you're done freshening up...

Wells Fargo & Co. is facing a Department of Justice investigation into whether employees in the company’s wholesale-banking unit improperly altered customer data, a person familiar with the matter said.

At this point, Wells Fargo is the Demi Lovato of banks. Everyone's former adorable California sweetheart just can't get clean.

“This particular situation involved a new process and a new required document called Certification of Beneficial Owners that our team members have to complete to help ensure we know our customers,” Alan Elias, a bank spokesman, said. “We’ve recognized that in certain circumstances additional training and new procedures were needed and have now been applied.
Elias, who declined to comment on the Justice Department’s involvement, said customers weren’t negatively affected by the actions, but added that “we take all issues relative to documentation seriously. If we get something wrong, we fix it.”

But like anyone seeking to truly get better, we're glad that Wells Fargo has such a competent and efficacious partner in the Trump Justice Department.

Wells Fargo Said to Face DOJ Probe of Wholesale-Banking Business [Bloomberg]


Wells Fargo.Insane

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