Whoever Could Foresee Trouble Arising From An Adultery-Arranging Website Called Illicit Encounters?

Not this hedge fund manager, that’s for sure.

Two years ago, a 55-year-old married hedge fund manager “decided to embark on an extramarital affair” to have “a little bit of fun.” That we cannot name this hedge fund manager, and that those words were spoken by a crown prosecutor, are clues that foolproof plan didn’t work out precisely.


Oh, he certainly had some good times: banging his newfound mistress on his desk, in a five-star hotel in Zürich, in the City of Light. But there were signs that things weren’t as free and easy as any good illicit encounter out to be, like when his paramour started texting his wife, which is definitely not what people are looking for on Illicit Encounters. Not that he let that little indiscretion get in the way of the fun. At least, not at first.

The adventure turned sour on the journey home when Doyich discovered her lover had text his wife.

Back at home, Doyich and the man later engaged in role-play sex at his office, where she dressed as a sexy secretary for a “job interview”.

A day later he took her to Paris — but she again grew angry when she caught him texting his wife. She later told him she was pregnant.

That’s definitely not supposed to be the outcome of an illicit encounter, especially when one side of the encounter refuses to take your money for an abortion. And that was just the beginning.

She even accused him of rape, putting him through months of worry before the allegation was finally dropped earlier this year….

She called the wife ugly in tweets, her family trashy — and claimed she had sexually assaulted her husband as he did not want sex with her.

Jurors were told how she posted pics of her unborn child online and arrived at the man’s work unannounced.

She also followed friends of the husband and wife on Twitter and friends of their sons, Inner London crown court heard….

The man told the court: “I felt under siege. I felt, ‘What have I done and how can I stop it’?”


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