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Alan Greenspan Can't Believe How Tight It Is

The most charismatic living American was back on TV.

Former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan, who is not dead, went on TV this morning to talk economics, and he is definitely not dead.


During an appearance on that CNBC show with Joe Kernen and those two other people who are paid money to ignore Joe Kernen, Greenspan praised Jay Powell, dodged questions on Trump, tried not to get too horned-up over the anti-regulation environment and then failed do that when commenting on recent employment data:

Greenspan, 92, suggested the nearly 50-year low unemployment rate coupled with American corporations clamoring for workers will force up wages and inflation. "Ultimately prices take hold," he said.
"This is the tightest market, labor market, I've ever seen, he said in an interview with "Squawk Box." "But concurrently, we have a very slow productivity increase."

And this guy hung out with Ayn Rand, he's seen tight.

Ex-Fed chief Greenspan: This is the tightest labor market I've ever seen [CNBC]


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