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Anthony Scaramucci Is The New Geoffrey The Giraffe

Just a lot shorter.
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Anthony Scaramucci has taken a bit of a beating since turning heel and transforming himself into Donald Trump before serving the most spectacularly short and unsuccessful term as White House Communications Director both in history and imaginable. This is a tough turn of events for a glorified party-planner who wants nothing more to be liked and respected, one that not even a slightly larger house in the Hamptons can compensate for. (OK, maybe a little.) So even as he throws himself back into the fund of hedge funds game with gusto (and lawsuits), he’s also trying to make friends. Specifically, the successors of those who made him so happy growing up at the Westbury, Long Island, Toys ‘R’ Us and their ilk. So he’s doing everything he can to help them out short of handing out gift certificates to the Hunt and Fish Club, even if it’s not precisely in the best interests of his shareholders. The man needs friends, after all, and as he sees it there are 33,000 in the making.


Last week, the Mooch encouraged Solus Alternative Asset Management to give up some dough, according to an e-mail exchange between him and Jim Baker of the Private Equity Stakeholder Project — an initiative that is advocating for the 33,000 workers who lost their jobs in June.

“Please encourage Solus to support laid-off workers,” Baker wrote in an e-mail, which was shared with The Post.

“We have,” the Mooch replied….

Baker’s group has been pressuring debtholders including Solus, and others, arguing that they were responsible for pushing the retailer into liquidation. Solus, according to reports, says it is not responsible for the retailer’s liquidation or obliged to contribute to severance package.

The Mooch wants to help laid-off Toys ‘R’ Us workers [N.Y. Post]



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