Call The Close: Bond Bloodbath Edition

Don't look at the yield curve, just CtC and let's get F#CKED UP!!!

Psst...You!, Yeah, you...You trade bonds?


Wanna get high?

Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 1.36.05 PM

Come on, bro. It's just that kind of day. We already got Bill Gross feeling good and lifted in the corner, he kind of overdid it after getting some mean texts from Gundlach. Homeboy's going through shit, you know?

So just ignore the yield curve and the fundamental logic - policy-makers are! - and get high.

Just call the close on the Dow [closest without going over, house rules, etc] by 3:45pm and we can make the pain go away.

Hahaha, no we can't! There shall be no end to your pain!