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David Solomon Pulls Dina Powell From "Davos In The Desert" After Realizing That Goldman Sachs Was About To Lose Moral High Ground To Steve Mnuchin

This is the best PR sh!tshow we've watched in years.

As we type, Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon is on CNBC telling the love child of Hugh Grant and Princess Margaret that Dina Powell will NOT be going to "Davos in the Desert" after all.


This is definitely news as Dina and Goldman exist so outside the realm of normal PR morality that the vast majority of people paying attention seemed to let her attendance skate away from the encompassing wave of moral outrage. Announcing that she's staying home to wash her hair that week on television is a pretty bold move from DJ D-Sol and something that says "Lloyd would have sent her" in the way that Goldman prefers to communicate: Good ol' subtext.

But why now? Why push this narrative today? Who could have lowered the bar of morality optics so low that even Dina had to tell the boys at Teterboro to burn her Saudi flight plan?

Yeah...that'll do it.

We still say that Mnuchin shows up [likely wearing a mustache disguise and trying to wink behind Transition Shades that have gone totally opaque in the desert sun] but for now he's "not." Losing the moral high ground to a weirdo former employee that lives a life free of caring about what is just is not something that David Solomon wants to deal with so early in his tenure. And who knows what might happen to his side-gig if Paul Oakenfeld and/or David Guetta go all #Justice4Khashoggi?

But now Dina and Mnooks are out [at least Dina *wink wink*] so it looks like is just going to be Masayoshi Son and MbS starting at each other in a room full of terrifying Russian "bankers."




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