Fresh Off His Mega-Bullish Call On Cryptos, Tom Lee Is Calling the Bottom For Equities

Hey, he's gotta be right eventually.

Sick of the October Market Swoon™?

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Well, then has CNBC got good news for you!

October has been a jarring month for U.S. stocks. But one strategist is calling a bottom and says it's an opportune time to buy a few of the struggling sectors.

Noice! These dark days are over, nerds. We're about to get back in the money and everything in on sale. Thanks, CNBC, for giving us the good news, and thank your pal, the super-confident strategist who apparently knows their shit. You got a name for this soothsaying oracle?

"We are massively oversold," Tom Lee, managing partner and head of research at Fundstrat Global Advisors, said in a note to clients Wednesday. "A 10% decline in 20 days is a 2 standard deviation event."

Oh, it's Tommy "Bitcoin" Lee?...umm, nevermind.

*whispers* The market is fucked, you guys.

Wall Street strategist Tom Lee say rapid market sell-off is over: 'The bottom is here' [CNBC]