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If People Are Talking About Big League Chew, Big League Chew Has Already Won

Behold, a moment of accidental marketing wizardy.

Big League Chew made news this week, not only for continuing to exist, but for putting a female ballplayer on a gum pouch for the first time. To save everyone the time and effort, The Hall of Very Good tracked down the dumbest tweets about it from misogynist idiots.

Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 1.40.03 PM

It’s not at a Colin Kaepernick/Nike level, which reached a new height of FFS this week with news of an Arkansas sheriff putting swoosh-branded apparel on inmates to mock the quarterbacktivist, because, again, most people’s reaction to the Big League Chew item is, “Wow, they still make Big League Chew!” Still, it’s another example of a brand showing some level of forward-facing social consciousness.

Why take the gamble of being a brand that people might throw off a balcony or burn, to own the libs? Well, when is the last time you think Twitter user @ClayyyyC, who compared a woman on a package of Big League Chew to “a dude on a tampax box” bought a pouch of Big League Chew? Also, Clay, they don’t put anyone’s picture on a Tampax box, unless you’re talking about Tampax Pearl Active, but here’s guessing that Clay didn’t put the kind of research into his tweet as goes into the journalism here at Dealbreaker. Really, though, Clay isn’t buying Big League Chew, and probably hadn’t even thought about Big League Chew for at least 10 years until learning on the internet that they were putting a cartoon lady on their roster.

Kids buy Big League Chew, and kids are not going to give a rat’s patoot about this. They’ll go to the store, see some pouches with a boy on it, some pouches with a girl on it, and buy some gum because Big League Chew is fun – you can share it, you can see how much of it you can fit in your mouth at once, you can blow huge bubbles, you can use it as an adhesive with a book of matches to set your friends’ shoes on fire, you can do lots of great stuff!

The thinking at Big League Chew headquarters is pretty easy to deconstruct: they might sell more gum to girls if they have girls on some of the packages of gum. What isn’t happening at BLCHQ – actually the Ford Gum & Machine Company – is a concerted effort to draw attention to the new package. The front page of, as of Thursday night, screamed “Visit us at booth #249” at NACS Show 2018. That would be the annual convention of the National Association of Convenience Stores, which happened this week, and where the real blockbuster news was that they’re gonna PUT REESE’S PIECES IN HERSHEY BARS, HOW IS THAT THE LAST THING MENTIONED IN THIS STORY, MONICA WATROUS OF FOOD BUSINESS NEWS?

Anyway, there’s no mention of the Big League Chew gender barrier being broken on either the Big League Chew website or the Ford Gum & Machine Company website. They funneled the announcement to ESPN’s Darren Rovell, who tweeted it out among other sundry items: you can pour your own beer now at Capitals and Wizards games, Goldenberg’s Peanut Chews is giving away Eagles tickets, and 77-packs of Natty Light cost $34.99 for University of Maryland homecoming.

Big League Chew will come out ahead for having made the decision to finally have a female standard bearer. It seems a lot easier way to enhance the bottom line than putting on a giant wrestling show in Saudi Arabia in the fall of 2018, but those are the risks you take when you sign a 10-year contract with Mohammad bin Salman, right, WWE? Big League Chew could have gone that way – Saudi Arabia is the world’s second-biggest gum-chewing country – but chose a much simpler and forward-thinking path instead.


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