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It’s Amazing That The Trump-Loving Treasury Leaker Wasn’t A Trump Administration Hire

Still, Natalie Mayflower Sours Edwards’ incompetence must make Steve Mnuchin proud.
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Get ready for some waterworks here.

Get ready for some waterworks here.

From the initial reports about the leak of sensitive suspicious activity reports by a high-level Financial Crimes Enforcement Network staffer, you might have assumed these were done to damage the Trump administration. After all, they involved Paul Manafort and Rick Gates, two ex-Trump aides, the former of whom is going to jail in part due to the testimony of the latter, as well the pretty Russian lady spy who worked to tip the scales in favor of the president when she wasn’t hitting Hank Greenberg up for money. Oh, and also the president’s now former and estranged lawyer, Michael Cohen. Oh, and they were leaked to BuzzFeed, hardly a pro-Trump shop.

But no! Alleged leaker Natalie Mayflower Sours Edwards is a bonafide MAGA girl, with the social media posts to prove it. What was she thinking when making those incredibly easy to trace leaks? What was her strategy? These are probably silly questions to put to anyone in this clown car of an administration. All we know is that we’re shocked to find out that Edwards wasn’t just some unqualified hanger-on given a job bigger than she could handle in January 2017.

According to the charging papers, Ms. Edwards collected these “suspicious activity reports,” or SARs, on a flashdrive, and over the past year exchanged hundreds of messages with a reporter, who is identifiable as BuzzFeed News’ Jason Leopold. When confronted by agents, Ms. Edwards admitted to photographing the reports and sending them to the journalist through an encrypted app, the charging document said….

Ms. Edwards, as well as a supervisor identified in court papers as a “co-conspirator,” regularly shared social-media posts critical of liberals and sympathetic to Mr. Trump. Ms. Edwards, for example, “liked” a comment calling former Central Intelligence Agency Director John Brennan, a vocal Trump critic, a “paid political hack.” She said in another post the “false allegations” of sexual misconduct against now-Justice Brett Kavanaugh set a worrisome precedent….

In 2016, Ms. Edwards and other officials at FinCEN became embroiled in a conflict with another Treasury Department unit, the Office of Intelligence and Analysis, according to people familiar with the dispute. Some FinCEN officials felt the intelligence office was misusing sensitive financial data and undercutting FinCEN’s efforts to build up its own analysis capabilities, among other concerns, the people familiar with the matter said.

Ah, is there anything more Trumpian than an obvious campaign of short-sighted petty vengeance that actually harms your greater cause? Bravo, Ms. Edwards. Put this woman on the Supreme Court.

Treasury Official Accused of Leaks Is a Trump Supporter Who Feuded With Another Unit [WSJ]


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