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Jeff Vinik Invests In The Vandelay Industries Of Silk

The people of Tampa know a thing or two about the power of silk garments.
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George Costanza thinks we should all be ensconced in velvet. Jeff Vinik is a hedge fund manager, and his tastes run a little richer.


Vinik, 59, led an investment of $30 million in silk startup Silk Inc., a maker of pure silk skincare products. The new money, which bring Silk’s total funding to $51 million at an undisclosed valuation, will be used to expand into the coating of textiles, such as performance materials, that would typically be done with chemicals….

Silk Inc.’s difference is that it is producing pure silk protein in liquid form from natural silk cocoons and water, according to Greg Altman, Silk's cofounder and chief executive. The all-natural product could be used to coat textiles in a way that would allow them to avoid chemicals that could seep into their wearers' skins.

The Tampa Bay Lightning are going to be the most comfortable team in all of hockey, and opponents attempting to check them will simply slip right past them.

Why Jeff Vinik, Tampa Bay Lightning Owner And Ex-Fidelity Magellan Manager, Is Betting On Silk [Forbes]



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