‘One Of The Greatest Houses In New York’ Available For 2,500 Units Of One Of The Worst Currencies On Earth

Maybe more, depending on how things are going in cryptoland.
(Google Maps)

(Google Maps)

Do you have $15.9 million worth of fake currency that used to be $49 million worth of fake currency? Would you like to turn that into something tangible before it becomes $8.75 million worth of fake currency? Or less? Maybe something nice and solid like 10,720 square feet on Riverside Drive? “One of the greatest houses in New York,” if you’re interested in its seller’s opinion? If so, get in touch with Roy Niederhoffer right away. The hedge fund manager is eager to turn his $12.9 million investment into something less than that.

“I’m a big believer in Bitcoin,” he says. “I really am so bullish on it, and I want to own more of it.”

Were someone to pay in the cryptocurrency, Niederhoffer says, he would simply cover his share of the closing costs in hard currency. “Whatever the obligations and brokers fees are, I would pay in cash and keep the Bitcoin,” he says.

As for the house, it’s got six floors, a grand foyer, a basement movie theater, a catering kitchen, three other kitchens, a triple-height entertaining area, a sound-proof library and curved glass staircase. Oh, and five outdoor spaces.

“You can look down 76th Street and see Central Park, and it has a fire pit—we’d play guitars and sing until 3 a.m.,” he says….

It lacks garden space. This, Niederhoffer says, isn’t an issue. “It’s as if Riverside Park is our backyard,” he says. “I can see my kids playing in the park from my terrace, and when I’m in the park, I still get our private Wi-Fi.”

A Hedge Fund Manager Will Accept Bitcoin for His $16 Million Mansion [Bloomberg]



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