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Send Us To Lunch With Bill Ackman And Carl Icahn

You get us into Marea, and we'll bring Carl Icahn.

It's happening, you guys, it's REALLY happening...


Bill Ackman has invited us to lunch!

Bid to win the chance for you and a lucky guest to meet hedge fund billionaire, William “Bill” Ackman, for an hour of conversation over lunch at Marea in New York City, to discuss the world of finance!

Perennially in the news – Bill is one of the most dynamic and interesting investors in the world. Bill just invested over $900 million (15.2 million shares) in Starbucks, so there is a lot to talk about! Bill Ackman is the CEO and Portfolio Manager of Pershing Square Capital Management, founded in 2003. Pershing Square is a concentrated research-intensive fundamental value investor in long and occasionally short investments in the public markets.

Now all we need is like $11,ooo to give to Bill to give to some charity [we didn't even look but we're sure it's a good one] and we can create a real-life, experiential sequel to "The Barolo Imbroglio." Once we get the two seats at lunch with the great William Ackman, it's only a matter of time before we convince Uncle Carl to have a free meal with us! How much does a bus shelter ad in Midtown cost these days anyway?

We've set up a GoFundMe, so come make this happen for us...and, if we're honest, for you.

We love you.



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