Senior Executive That Was Too Toxic For Travis Kalanick's Uber Finds A New Home At A Hedge Fund

Emil Michael has finally figured out where he'll be tolerated.

It's a rough time out there for former senior executives who have been shamed out of high-profile positions at companies that get a lot of press.


You can imagine, then, how difficult it has been for Uber's former Head of Business, Emil Michael. Despite being an instrumental dealmaker for Travis Kalanick and playing a key role in turning Uber into something that people somehow valued at $7o billion once upon a time, Michael was pretty much forced out of Uber after a litany of behaviors that ranged from threatening reporters to escort karaoke bar scandals, to playing games with a woman who claimed to be raped by an Uber driver in India. On the whole, Michael was the only person who came out of Uber 1.0 anywhere near as radioactive as Kalanick himself. Rumors of Michael's next move were nonexistent and it was hard to imagine any tech company bringing in this objectively talented dealmaker. 

So where does a guy like Emil Michael go? Is there a place where dealmaking expertise is prized so far above reputational toxicity that a guy like Michael can still get a lucrative gig in the #MeToo era?

Take it away, WSJ...

Former Uber Technologies Inc. executive Emil Michael has joined hedge-fund firm Coatue Management LLC as a consultant, according to people familiar with the matter.

There is it.

Mr. Michael joined as a consultant at Coatue earlier this month, one of the people said. He is assisting on private investments in early and late-stage technology companies, another person familiar with the matter noted. Coatue has invested in Uber.
Coatue Management invests in the technology, media and telecommunications space. It has offices in Menlo Park, Calif., New York and Hong Kong.

Our money was on Moelis, but congrats to Coatue on this sneaky hire.

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