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Someone Is Being Sued For Refusing To Wear Snap's New Spectacles, So, Yeah, Things Are Great At Snap

Getting publicly litigious with an Instagram influencer who was privately not doing what they paid him for is your answer to "What's Snap up to these days?"

Here's something we are enjoying on multiple levels:


Influencer Luka Sabbat was sued on Tuesday for failing to live up to an agreement to promote Snap Spectacles on his Instagram account.

Okay, let's get into first layer of schadenfodder here; This whole thing is a Mad Libs of hateful modern fame stereotypes. To wit:

Sabbat, 20, was photographed in September at events with Kourtney Kardashian. People recently reported that the pair split after briefly dating. He also appears on the Freeform series “Grown-ish,” and has 1.4 million Instagram followers.
PR Consulting Inc. says it signed an influencer agreement with Sabbat on Sept. 15, the day after he was first photographed with Kardashian. The PR company filed the lawsuit in New York Supreme Court, alleging that Sabbat breached his agreement to post three Instagram stories and one post to his Instagram feed in which he would be wearing the spectacles.

According to our much more popular siblings over at Fashionista, this Sabbat character is a genuinely cool character and his style is a true marker in the style game. He's friends with Kanye and is seen at all the places one is supposed to be seen. As for PR Consulting, the vanilla name apparently belies the most powerful and terrifying publicity machine in the fashion world. It must have seemed like a rather sweet deal for Snap CEO Evan Spiegel, a guy who has seen his once-unstoppable tech startup do this since going public:

Screen Shot 2018-10-31 at 3.56.45 PM

So deals like the one with Luka Sabbat seem rather clever. A way to quietly influence the impressionable youth who said "NO THANK YOU" to Snap Spectacles 1.0 that v2.0 is way doper. What could go wrong?

Sabbat made only one Instagram story and one post to his feed, and did not submit the post to PR Consulting for pre-approval, the suit alleges. Sabbat also reneged on an agreement to be photographed in public wearing the spectacles during the Milan or Paris Fashion Weeks, according to the suit.

Hmm, well at least it was cheap, right?

Under the contract, Sabbat was to be paid $60,000 — with $45,000 paid up front. The suit seeks reimbursement of the $45,000 plus another $45,000 in additional damages.

Here's the thing about this; to fashion types, it's a bad boy influencer refusing to follow through on a lame agreement to wear a shitty product despite the potential to anger a massively powerful agency. That's embarrassing enough for Snap, but it's materially worse when you remember that news isn't siloed and that this hot gossip is going to spread to the desks of tech sector equity analysts who are already beating SNAP to shit on a daily basis for its litany of other problems.

It's not a great look when the dudes on Wall Street find out that even the people you're paying to wear your shit in public won't wear your shit in public. It's an even worse look when you're powerful PR/marketing agency is not hiding the fact that it's suing people to make a big stink out the fact that the people you're paying to wear your shit in public won't wear your shit in public.

Like we said, we're enjoying this on many levels.

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