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The Ackmanaissance Is Officially Upon Us

Some Jeffries analyst just admitted that Bill Ackman is indeed

We've seen it coming on the edge of night for so long, but it now appears that broader Wall Street sentiment is catching up with our acknowledgment that Bill Ackman is a refulgent resurgent bird soaring back into the stratosphere of Asset Valhalla. The man who fired his driver because he couldn't think straight and then locked himself in his office to get away from it all and focus on the Holy Alpha, has - like Stella herself - gotten his groove back.


Everything Bill Ackman has touched lately, from Nike to ADP to Starbucks, has turned to green. Even Chipotle has managed to not poison too many people lately. And to cap it all off, Bill recently learned that a human woman chose him over Brad Pitt. So he's marrying her. And they're going to explore each other's bodies in the home of the woman who wrote the book on exploring bodies.

The Ackmanassaince is on, sheeple! Even Jeffries can see it!

Jefferies analyst Matthew Hose on Friday upgraded Pershing Square Holdings to Buy from Hold, citing its wide discount to net asset value, better performance and actions to narrow the discount. The fund trades on Euronext Amsterdam.

Bill Ackman is a "Buy" becasue Bill Ackman is [say it with us]

“We view PSH’s current discount to NAV as unsustainable,’ Hose wrote to clients. “Sentiment towards the fund needs to catch up with the recent recovery in NAV performance, or further action aimed at addressing the discount will be required. Either way, shareholders should be rewarded.”

Even Bill's greatest tormentor seems to have lost interest in killing his vibe. So we look forward to watching Carl Icahn take a huge stake in Tesla and start sending David Einhorn cryptic taunting messages welcoming him to his new life as Uncle Carl's new torture boy.

The Bill Ackman Comeback Picks Up Steam With a Recommendation [Barron's]


Hot rod Bill Ackman.

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