The Stock Market Is Just "Taking A Little Pause," Says The Actual President Of The United States Of America

The primary mechanism through which capital flows in our economy just needs a little time-out, you guys, says a man who quotes Wells Fargo on purpose.

Well, eat shit Morgan Stanley, there is no cyclical bear market happening all around us. According to the Leader of the Free World, the US stock markets just need a little downtime, a short rest so that they can once again surge and prosper in an economic environment rife with global trade crises, constant political upheaval, and rising interest rates...

The more you read this the more fascinating it becomes. It's like a Magic Eye puzzle of pandering bullshit drivel masquerading as economic analysis from the actual president. It's the Twitter equivalent of a CNBC segment in which Rick Santelli and Joe Kernen interview Gary Busey about ETFs, but dumber and less tolerable. And we assume that this is just Trump pulling some shit out of his own ass, it's not like he's reading bad financial analysis...

We are so fucked.