Warren Buffett Willing To Be Dragged Into 21st Century As Long As He Doesn’t Have To Hear About It

$600 million is a small price to pay to not have to learn what fintech is.
Source: AP

Source: AP

When you get to be Warren Buffett’s age, one’s thoughts tend to turn more towards mortality than technology. Sure, the old man’s hip to that new-fangled Apple Computer and that funny-sounding Yahoo! But don’t try talking to him about anything more cutting edge than that; he’s more focused on investments in truck stops and also himself. This extends to top Berkshire Hathaway money manager Todd Combs: The kid’s more than welcome to pour $600 million and counting into these fintechies or whatever you call them, just as long as the Oracle doesn’t have to hear about it.

Mr. Buffett declined to comment on the Stone deal. “It’s entirely Todd’s,” said Debbie Bosanek, Mr. Buffett’s assistant, in an email. “He never comments on anything that Todd or Ted do. They have total autonomy.”

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