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Anthony Scaramucci Begins The "Launching REITs With Grace From Will & Grace’s Brother" Stage Of His Comeback

Brett Messing joins the SALT sideshow.
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photo by Alan Light

photo by Alan Light

Since making his less-than-triumphantreturn to the hedge fund business, Anthony Scaramucci has spent most of his time suing people, standing up for toy salesmen and—his forte—making promises. He seems to be doing somewhat less managing of money or throwing of parties, which were his technically his jobs before his short stint in that other job. But no more! The Mooch and his new partner, ex-Goldmanite and current brother of Debra Messing Brett Messing are going to be doing some of the former.

“Brett Messing brings a wealth of management and business development experience to the SkyBridge team as we launch the SkyBridge Opportunity Zone REIT Fund on Dec. 1,” Scaramucci said in an interview. “The private REIT fund will target $3 billion in capital and focus on investments in the approximately 8,700 designated opportunity zones in economically depressed areas.”

Ah, yes, investing in real estate in economically depressed areas, Anthony Scaramucci’s otherforte.

Anthony Scaramucci’s SkyBridge Hires Brett Messing [Bloomberg]



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