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Blind Item: Which Billionaire Hedge Fund Manager Is A Horned-Up Bisexual Pedophile Cheapskate Who Also Does Card Tricks?

Well, this should be a fun -and soul-polluting- game for a Friday.

The world of podcasts is deep and vast...and apparently seedy as hell.


We have recently become acquainted with something called the "Aftershock Podcast" hosted by a former Howard Stern intern named Steve Grillo. It listens like a wild carnival of New York City-based filthy gossip brought to your ears by minor celebrities and people inside the wondrous world of Big Apple sex work.

On the most recent episode, a young lady named Martha Duke was Grillo's guest. After a pretty wild entree into the narrative of the podcast (you can listen for yourself if you're curious about who's not wearing underwear in a podcast studio), Duke [who seems to occupy a nebulous role in this community that we can best describe as falling somewhere between escort and strip club promoter] fell into a yarn about a creepy billionaire she once knew biblically who had a potent curiosity about whether she would ever be interested in fucking a horse or a dog.

And that was the cute part.

As the interview goes on [cue up to about the 20-minute mark for what we're about to delve into] Duke lets it be known that her bestiality-curious paramour was also way into sex with other men, very young girls, and card tricks. He was also, according to her "like the world's worst hedge fund manager." Our interest, needless to say, was piqued.

The sordid sexual tastes of this mystery man are deep, dark and discussed in the podcast. While we have no real judgments on paying (or in this case apparently not paying) for sex, or interest in your own gender, we are pretty freaked out by Duke's assertion that a billionaire hedgie [and therefore definitely someone we're aware of] is at least vocally curious about pedophilia.

So, let's maybe unpack the clues and see who we think this three-comma, asset-managing sex criminal might be...

Here are the clues we found in the podcast:

  • Likes very soft, very expensive suits.
  • Does card tricks to impress drunk sex workers at fancy restaurants.
  • Was on the Forbes list at one point in recent years.
  • Is building a casino in Thailand [seems odd considering gambling laws there, so it might be a different Asian nation].
  • Had a place in St. Bart's that he recently sold.
  • Was prone to cruising the beaches of St. Bart's.
  • Is New York-based.
  • "Stuck" in a bad marriage.
  • Doesn't understand how Venmo works.
  • Is personally acquainted with many porn stars and strippers.
  • A frequenter of Manhattan strip clubs.
  • Is oddly cheap.

We, of course, have some working theories as to who it might be, but we're not going to play. This is for you, our sick creepy readers.

Happy Friday.



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