Deutsche Bank Thinking Now Would Be A Great Time To Shake Up Its Regulatory Leadership Because What Could Possibly Go Wrong...Again

How can you not love this bank?



Deutsche Bank AG is weighing another high-level shake-up, which could include the departure of top executives central to its relationships with key regulators in the U.S. and Europe, according to people close to the bank.


One of the executives whose possible departure is under discussion is Sylvie Matherat, the bank’s chief regulatory officer and a member of the management board, some of the people say. Another is the bank’s CEO of the Americas region, Tom Patrick, the people added.
Ms. Matherat has told associates she might need to prepare to leave the bank, and has expressed unhappiness with what she described to some associates as constraints to improving financial-crime controls and mending Deutsche Bank’s relationships with regulators, some of the people say.


In fairness, Matherat never seemed to understand where Deutsche was even based.

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