Ex-RenTecher Taking His Frustration Out On Robert Mercer’s Poodle

David Magerman will haunt Mark Zuckerberg’s dreams.

Neither David Magerman nor Robert Mercer work at Renaissance Technologies anymore, the former because he called Robert Mercer a racist and the latter because the former called him a racist. But that doesn’t mean Magerman’s given up his crusade against Robert Mercer’s white supremacy. And since he and Mercer have declared a ceasefire, he’ll have to do it via proxy war against Mercer’s unwitting partner in crime, Facebook.


Magerman has given more than $400,000 to the campaign — "Freedom from Facebook" — because he believes Facebook has too much power over how the world communicates….

"It was my goal to convince people that Facebook is not free, that it exacts a high price from users in the form of their private data, and I think users don't understand that transaction, to all of our detriment…."

On Thursday, Freedom from Facebook filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission alleging that Facebook had violated an agreement with the agency and consumer protection law.

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