Here Are Two More People For Unpartnered Goldmanites To Resent

Some people from Citi and JPMorgan Chase just cut the line.

So David Solomon is going to change fewer lives this week than any Goldman Sachs CEO in recent memory. Whereas just eight years ago, his predecessor was welcoming 110 people into the Elect’s inner sanctum, Solomon’s looking at something like half that figure, on account of Lloyd having opened the doors thereto to so many outsiders. Not that he disapproves, mind you. So if you’re one of those still waiting for the tap on the shoulder come Friday evening, here are two more interlopers at whom you can direct your fear and loathing.


The US investment bank has appointed Thomas Doyle as head of single stock synthetic products group distribution in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Doyle previously worked at Citi, where he was head of synthetic distribution and stock loans within delta one sales….

David Cornish has also joined Goldman, as head of quant distribution. He will work across prime brokerage and electronic trading. Previously, Cornish was an executive director at JPMorgan, where he worked in hedge funds and alternatives within investor services sales.

Hopefully, this will distract your attention from other, less important matters.

In its third-quarter earnings report, filed to regulators on Friday, Goldman cited language from a recent indictment against a former partner for bribery and money laundering involving Malaysian sovereign-wealth fund 1Malaysia Development Bhd., or 1MDB. Goldman acknowledged for the first time the firm could face significant penalties resulting from the allegations but added that it is cooperating with investigators.

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