Jim Cramer Is Very Mad At The Stock Market For Pretending That It's Not A Bear

We're worried about Jimmy C...again.

Don't look now, you guys, but Jim Cramer is in a big mood because he's anthropomorphizing the stock market again...and it's being a real bitch:

Jim Cramer Weeps

"I have tremendous contempt for this market, because every time you try to make money with it, it cuts your heart out. That's a bear market. People don't want to call it a bear market. But what do they need?" Cramer asked, rhetorically.
"It's a bear market rally," he said. "You go down really hard last week. And then you come in on Monday and it's up a lot. People come in. They buy it and lose money."

Don't get Philly Jimmy started on bears who let you go down hard on them only to take your money and run away with it a few days later. He has feelings, you guys, REAL FEELINGS!!!

"People come in at 250 [points higher] and get their heads cut off. I just feel ashamed," said Cramer. "It's very hard to be very positive about the market unless you're an idiot. Let it go up for three or four days and then sell some."

In fairness to Jim, it seems natural to feel shame after getting your head cut off by a bear you just went down on. So, thanks A LOT, Jay Powell!

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