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Man Who Lost Jeff Vinik’s Money Still Plans To Hang Out At Jeff Vinik’s Arena, Cheer On Jeff Vinik’s Team, Pretend To Be Jeff Vinik’s Friend

That is, unless the security guards at the Amalie Arena have watched his video.
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Probably the best seats Corider can afford now. HappyHarvick2962 at English Wikipedia [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Probably the best seats Corider can afford now. HappyHarvick2962 at English Wikipedia [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

If you’re among those who lost $200 million when the alleged options-trading expert to whom you had entrusted your money let it all ride on natural gas shorts this month just in time for its biggest jump in eight years, you might not have the stomach to watch James Cordier’s wonderfully bizarre 10 minute and 20 second apology, explanation and first-name-dropping video. Having no money to invest and lose with someone like Cordier, we are in no such position, and having watched it, we hope at least one of his clients managed to sit through it.

In speaking to "Jeff, the world's biggest hockey fan,'' Cordier says: "You know who you are.”

So do we! It’s retired hedge-fund manager and current hockey-team ownerJeff Vinik, who must be ruing the day he decided to move to Tampa and thus crossed paths with Cordier and his

Through a spokesperson, Vinik confirmed he was among Cordier's clients but made no further comment.

Anywho, along with Dr. Steve in L.A. and John in Texas, Cordier has a message for his, uh, understandably disappointed buddy Jeff who, unlike those clients he hangs out with on the Riviera or watches “golden sunsets” with in Australia, he plans to again share the same physical space with.

“All I want to do with you is sit and watch a game. Next time I'm at the arena, I know you'll be there and I'll pretend I'm sitting next to you.''

We’re sure Vinik is thrilled that Cordier plans to pay him back one admission ticket to the Amalie Arena at a time, and can only hope this does not negatively impact the silken future Vinik is financing for all of us.

Tampa Bay Lightning owner Jeff Vinik among clients who lost money in collapse of Tampa-based investment fund [Tampa Bay Times]



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