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Opening Bell 11.14.18

Brexit on; Crude off; Ackman active; and more!

Welcome to the new Opening Bell from The Water Coolest. We think you're gonna like it here ...


(For those of you wondering WTF The Water Coolest is, and what it's intentions are with the Opening Bell ... don't worry we've made you a new friend.)

Deal or no deal [The Water Coolest]

If you think the political environment is batsh*t in the US, just wait until you get a load of Her Majesty's sh*tshow.

With the EU and Brexiteers within spitting distance of a March 29, 2019 deadline talks seem to finally be heading in the right direction ... kind of. The two parties put forth a plan that will be presented to Theresa May's government for approval today.

Of course, some of Theresa May's cabinet members have even threatened to resign over the proposed plan.

UK and EU negotiators have agreed on a Brexit deal [BI]

Crude awakening [The Water Coolest]

If we had to choose one image that best captured the current state of affairs in the oil markets it would be "duckling covered in Texas light sweet crude."

Prices of crude oil have dropped to $55.69 per barrel, marking the lowest point in a year of low points.

Oil Drops Most in 3 Years as Investors Flee Darkening Outlook [Bloomberg]

Lay-man [The Water Coolest]

Bill Ackman DGAF if your family goes hungry on Thanksgiving ... there are profits to extract! Starbucks will layoff roughly 5% of its corporate staff despite topping earnings estimates last quarter. Pressure is mounting from the likes of Ackman who holds a $900M stake in the coffee-purveyor and believes there is room to grow.

Starbucks Cuts 5% of Corporate Workers [Bloomberg]

What else is happening today?

  • Alphabet's Waymo says that a self-driving car service could be a reality in as little as two months in Phoenix. Hmmm, a self-driving vehicle pilot program in the Greater Phoenix metro area ... what could possibly go wrong?
  • In addition to halting retail sales, JUUL will go cold turkey on social media like your butt-hurt friend who can't handle the "hateful rhetoric" on her Kim K. prison reform posts. JUUL's social presence helped morph the nicotine filled USBs into a lifestyle accessory.

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