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Opening Bell 11.19.18

Welcome to the new Opening Bell from The Water Coolest. We think you're gonna like it here ...


(For those of you wondering WTF The Water Coolest is, and what it's intentions are with the Opening Bell ... don't worry we've made you a new friend.)

Back in Black [The Water Coolest]

BlackBerry, a company whose business plan had been defined by dumb-phone purists has taken its talents to the 21st century. The maker of the Crackberry is buying cybersecurity firm Cyclance for $1.4B as part of a larger push towards enterprise services and cybersecurity.

The former number one mobile phone provider of middle management had a rough go at it in the post-BBM world but has risen from the ashes under the astute leadership of John Chen. In addition to its push into the world of phishing and Nigerian Prince scams, BlackBerry has made a killing as a "patent troll". Claiming more than 44k patents, mostly related to messaging and mobile phone developments, BlackBerry has made a business out of litigation aimed at its successors (think: Snap, Facebook etc.).

BlackBerry is buying Cylance for $1.4 billion to continue its push into cybersecurity [TechCrunch]

Head in the clouds [The Water Coolest]

Google's cloud business is going about as well as Deutsche Bank's [INSERT LITERALLY ANY BUSINESS HERE]. Just ask Alphabet's CEO, Sundar Pichai, who wouldn't go into specifics about the business line on the company's most recent earnings call. That probably has something to do with the search engine giant being a distant third in the race for cloud supremacy behind Amazon and Microsoft. And now Diane Greene, head of the cloud computing biz is out of a job. Former Oracle exec Thomas Kurian will take over the struggling business.

Google Cloud CEO Diane Greene is out, to be replaced by former Oracle exec Thomas Kurian [Yahoo! Finance]

Blue and yellow purple pills [The Water Coolest]

Move over Shkreli, there's a new pharma bro in town. Ian Read, the (outgoing) CEO of Pfizer will oversee a price increase on 41 of the pharma giant's drugs. At least 10% of the pharmaceutical company's portfolio will see a 5% price hike. All this despite President Trump's negotiations to halt the increases.

Pfizer to Raise Drug Prices, Ending Trump-Requested Freeze [Bloomberg]